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A different way to do business,
because earning your Crust shouldn’t be difficult!


We have incredible small businesses within our local community, but unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the quality and extent of the supply chain that is right on their doorstep.

At Crust we want to change that, we want to connect our local businesses together, to facilitate local trading and save everyone time and money in the process

Time is short and you have so much to do, because as a business owner you wear many hats. We can take away both the hassle of marketing your services and also searching for services that meet your ongoing business needs.

All on one easy to use platform that also connects you with your local business community.

time is

Live Hot Leads

Customers tell us exactly what they need, where and by when. You receive the opportunities on your mobile phone as soon as they are placed, and respond directly to the customer.

Find Local Suppliers

Skip Google search, tell us what you need and we will connect you with good quality local suppliers with one click, for either your business or personal needs. Plus, we do this anonymously, so there’s no time sucking sales calls for you.

Connecting The Small With The Big

We work with both local authorities and large organisations to send you lead and contract opportunities you would never have known existed.

Achieve More For Less

Create tailored promotions that we will send directly to your target audience within the platform.

Keeping It Local

Help boost your local economy by using quality suppliers right on your doorstep, while increasing your own network and opportunities.

One Easy To Use Platform

A mobile phone app designed with you in mind, that is quick and easy to use as a supplier, buyer or both. Saving you time and giving you flexibility and control over your business development, to help you grow your business even further.

Designed by the Community for the Community

The Crust App is currently undergoing further end-user testing with the help of a number of our local businesses, with their valuable input and feedback helping shape the product. It’s with their contribution, knowledge and expertise that we will create a platform that has been designed with the user in mind, it will be intuitive, a pleasure to use and of course generate results.

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Crust – Because earning your’s should not be difficult!

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